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The world's easiest way to sell digital downloads with a forever free account. No Per-Transaction Fees. You keep the profits !!!

Pixycart is an e-commerce platform that enables anyone to sell digital products / coupons / serial keys / memberships.


Our Features

Revenue Share

Team up with anyone and bundle your products to sell together. Your partners will see the revenue in real time.

Increased conversions

Your customers can buy your products without being forced to go through long and annoying registration processes.

Sell Anything

Create a whole variety of products. Sell unique coupon codes to be used on third party platforms. Sell downloadable products. Bundle files and unique activation codes for each customer within the same product.

Unlimited Stores / Products

Create as many stores as you like immediately and you can have an unlimited number of products per store.

Membership based products

Have you customers subscribe to your content. As long as you receive monthly payments from your customers, they will have access to your content.

No per transaction fees

Payments will be made directly to your account, no fees retained and no intermediates. You will pay only the regular paypal fees

Instant delivery

Orders are instantly delivered securely to your customers, wherever they are in the world.

Dime sales

A dime sale allows you to raise the price of your product as sales are made. It creates instant urgency because your customers can see the price rising every time they refresh your page..

and more...

You can start selling digital downloads with a FOREVER FREE account in less than 3 minutes. We offer a wide range of tools without asking for a single cent from you.
If you want to offer some free products to your customers you can create free products which increase your subscribers base.
Offer promotional codes to encourage users to buy more! Discounts can be offered as set or percentage based amounts.
Choose whether to user our storage service, or your own to deliver your files to the customers. This is particulary good if you are using the FOREVER FREE.
Pixycart allows you to expand your product reach by having other people market your goods. You can specify for each store what is the percentage you want to offer for any succesfull sale they generate.
Use our JavaScript widget to create buy now buttons on any platform. Our widget is created with custom JavaScript code, fully compatible with any JS library, like jQuery, MooTools and so on. You can easily place it directly in your HTML code, or in any of your posts through any editor your are using. Place it on your blog, on your personal site, on your forum.
Our fully responsive interface allows you to access your administration area, anytime from anywhere, using any mobile device.
Easily identify and reward your big spenders. Pixycart offers the possibility of tracking down individual data about your customers.
Pixycart gives you the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading your plan at any time without losing the money you already paid.

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Over 1,000 customers in 130 countries use Pixycart.