Our Features

Check out a summary of our features.
Pixycart really does all this and more!


You can choose to display your products on our marketplace.
The more hits your products have, the more chance of selling.

Unlimited Stores

Register a new account and start creating as many stores as you like immediately.
Each store will have it's own URL, currecny and many other settings.
You can edit your store's preferences at any given time
Set up your logo, your newsletter services, bring in your customers and start selling!

Unlimited Products

You can have an unlimited number of products per store.
Create your products and use our JavaScript widget to sell directly from your site, or use the URL to the product page to bring the customers to your store. It's all up to you.
Let Pixycart handle everything. You just sit back and sell.

Sell Anything

Create a whole variety of products.
Sell coupon codes to be used on third party platforms.
Sell downloadable products.
Bundle files and unique activation codes for each customer within the same product.
This means you can sell anything from ebooks to software, music, graphics, scripts, vouchers and so on. We have got it all covered.

Membership based products

Have you customers subscribe to your content.
You can constantly add new resources to your product and your customers will have access to the content for as long as their subscriptions are active.
No need to go through the whole product edit process. Pixycart provides a very easy way of changing the resources for subscriptions.

Multiple currencies

Choose your each store's currency from a whole variety of available currencies.
Address your customers closer to their needs and see your profits rise.
Pixycart will constantly update it's exchange rate tables to give you statistics on your earnings if you have multiple stores with different currencies, based on the real market.
This way, you always have a real situation about how much money you made.

Increased conversions

Your customers can buy your products without being forced to go through long and annoying registration processes.
Any product created on Pixycart can be bought by anyone with just a simple click.
Pixycart makes the checkout process as friendly as possible, so anyone can sell more, and buy faster.

Get paid

Once your store is created, all you need to do is provide your paypal e-mail address. Pixycart does the rest.
Payments will be made directly to your account, no fees retained and no intermediates.
Forget about the worries of putting together a whole billing system for your products. We already did that.

Marketing tools

Pixycart offers a series of tools to help you keep up with today's marketing challenges.
You can create coupon codes that discount your product's price if applied. This works both on the product's details page, and in the JavaScript widget.
You can enable dime sales for your products prices. This feature will increase your product's price periodicaly after a certain number of sales. You decide how much and when.
Want to offer some free products to increase your newsletter's subscribers? No problem! Pixycart offers you the possibility of doing just that and managing payments with "zero" value that no payment processor accepts.


You can keep track of all your sales, affiliate earnings and more using our statistic boards.
In addition you can use any JavaScript tracking code from a third party analytics system of your choice
Just configure this during the store creation, or edit it at any given time after the creation.

Easy upload

Upload as many files per product as you want. Our cloud storage system will deliver your files to your customers in no time, no matter where they are.
Your customers will have access to their purchases at any time through unique personal download links.
In addition, you can re-send emails to all the customers when you change a product's resources.
No need to worry about links "going bad" if you edit a product's downloadable resources. Pixycart will automatically update those links.
This is particulary good for subscriptions, where the seller constantly update's the product's resources.

Host your own files

Choose whether to user our storage service, or your own to deliver your files to the customers
This is particulary good if you are using a free subscription plan.
You can host your files on a third party storage service and still enjoy all the benefits Pixycart has to offer.


Allow other users to promote your products and sell more than ever!
It is your choice who can promote your products and who cannot. You decide who is your store's approved affiliate.
You can also choose to let your affiliates use buy now buttons through our JavaScript completely compatible with any platform widget, or product page URLs, to bring customers to your store.
Each store has it's own set of affiliates, so you can be more selective in letting people promote your products by store, in case you have more stores with different topics.

Social reach

Let everyone know about your products. Be interactive with your customers and bring new ones while doing it.
Share your products on any major social site existing with a few clicks.
The more thay talk about you, the more you sell.

Sell anywhere

Use our JavaScript widget to create buy now buttons on any platform.
Our widget is created with custom JavaScript code, fully compatible with any JS library, like jQuery, MooTools and so on.
You can easily place it directly in your HTML code, or in any of your posts through any editor your are using.
Place it on your blog, on your personal site, on your forum. No need to worry about compatibility issues. There are none.
Additionaly, you can use the product's URL to distribute it to your friends or potential customers via e-mail.
The possibilities are endless.
Pixycart really reaches anywhere you want it to.

Manage on the go

Our fully responsive interface allows you to access your administration area, anytime from anywhere, using any mobile device.
Use your mobile phone or your tablet to check your sales at any time.
Edit products, pay affiliates, do whatever you usualy do from your desktop device, but without a desktop.
This is not all. Your customers too can use Pixycart from mobile devices.
The future is already here.

Newsletter integrations

Pixycart provides use of third party newsletter system, such as Mailchimp.
Simply configure them by specifying your credentials and see your list gain numbers.
Your customers will automatically be asked if they want to join your newsletter, once they purchase one of your products.
This feature works particulary well with free products. You increase your list of potential customers, and they get something for free in return.
Win-win situations make businesses bigger.

Reward your customers

Easily identify and reward your big spenders.
Pixycart offers the possibility of tracking down individual data about your customers.
You can use this to reward your big spenders, or come up with better offers for your customers that spent less.
Addressing every customer's needs is for the better.
Analyze your customer's preferences and offer them what they need.

Set up your limits

Choose to limit the amount of downloads a token remains active, or an amount of time.
Even better, choose both.

Easy migration

You want to sell the same product, with different currencies to different customers without going through the creation process several times?
No problem! Just duplicate the product and move the new products to other stores with a few clicks.
The less time you spend managing things, the more time you have to think about your marketing campaigns and sell more.

Revenue share

Team up with anyone and bundle your products to sell together.
Your partners will have access to the product's statistics without you being forced to share your account's credentials.
Just provide an email address and a password per partner and Pixycart will create basic accounts for each one.
More is always better than one.

Scalable buttons

Style your buttons however you want.
Choose between our predefined styles, or use your own CSS to define the looks of your buttons.
More, leave the CSS text area blank and the button will take the style from the page you embed it in.
Presentation matters!

Suit your needs

Pixycart gives you the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading your plan at any time without losing the money you already paid.
Your subscription's value is re-calculated daily and refunded as a discount whenever you choose to change your plan.
Your investment is safe. It's you who decides what's better for yourself.

No installation

Pixycart doesn't require installing any software.
You don't need to worry about formatting your computer and losing your settings, preferences and so on.
You can configure your store in no time and start selling within a few minutes.
We know your time is precious.